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Bad habits are very hard to break. But Sharecare digital therapeutics actually undo the unhealthy habits contributing to today’s biggest health burdens. From quitting smoking to learning resilience to improving diet, these powerful programs for your enterprise get results.

Your population gets healthier, and we all get smarter.

Seamlessly integrated into the Sharecare platform, our digital therapeutics not only help your members avoid or reverse chronic conditions. They also make research efficient. We’ve already published more than 70 peer-reviewed research articles involving more than 3,000 clinical trial participants and tens of thousands of real-world patients.

Carefully curated. Expertly executed

We offer digital therapeutics developed both in house and by trusted partners through our innovative platform. We cover the most expansive and widespread health issues in the United States.

Lifestyle & disease management coaching

This versatile program brings together tools in the Sharecare app, such as health assessments, with months of remote coaching from a certified health coach or registered nurse. Patients better understand their health risks or conditions, set the right health goals—and achieve them. Learn More

Anxiety management

An award-winning program, Unwinding Anxiety® is clinically proven to reduce anxiety by up to 67%. Learn More

Mental strength & stress management

Unwinding by Sharecare provides daily practices to help you tune in to your thoughts
and feelings so you can move through your day with more ease, confidence, and joy. Learn More

Tobacco cessation

Craving to Quit® teaches patients mindfulness skills as they work to stop smoking. This approach is twice as effective as American Lung Association’s Freedom from Smoking program. Learn More

Weight loss

Eat Right Now® helps patients stop binge eating and lose weight. The program reduces craving-related eating by up to 40%. Learn More

Diabetes prevention & management

Providing a high-touch and high-tech approach to delivering optimal diabetes-related outcomes including Sharecare’s CDC-approved Diabetes Prevention Program, Virtual Diabetes Care in partnership with Onduo, DSMES, and other services. Learn More

Community engagement

80% of a person’s lifespan is determined by their way of living. Sharecare’s Blue Zones Project makes the healthy choice the easy choice in a community. The program has improved the environments where people live, work, and play in 51 communities across nine states—making a positive impact on more than 3 million people. Learn More

Health security

SARS. H1Nx. Swine Flu. Businesses and communities face virus outbreaks—and even pandemics—well beyond COVID-19. Health Security enables businesses, schools, public arenas, and more to be resilient. The program brings together trailblazing technology to monitor facilities and a respected certification to empower employees and assure customers. Learn More

COVID-19 readiness + response

Well-Being@Work mobilizes the Sharecare platform and our partners to guide employers through the challenges of working safely during and after a pandemic. The agile program stays aligned with regulatory requirements, clinical guidance, and product innovations as they evolve. Taking a holistic approach, the program covers emotional, educational, clinical, and operational aspects of well-being at work. Learn More

Fertility, pregnancy and parenting

in partnership with

Ovia provides daily support for the fertility, pregnancy, and parenting journey. With the easy-to-use Ovia apps, patients gain access to expert content and tips, personalized health insights, and unlimited health coaching with registered nurses. Learn More

Musculoskeletal (MSD)

in partnership with

Fusionetics and Sharecare combine an evidence-based program for preventing and improving musculoskeletal issues with best-in-class digital delivery. The patented technology assesses human movement to identify what is decreasing the body’s performance and increasing the risk of injury. And then it generates an individualized plan of care. Learn More

Financial wellness

in partnership with

Offered in partnership with SmartDollar, the leading financial wellness program founded by personal finance expert Dave Ramsey. Fostering a workplace culture of financial well-being, the program reduces financial stress, lowers turnover, improves productivity, and curbs healthcare costs. Learn More

Relaxation and meditation

Sharecare Windows is an award-winning globally recognized producer of original HD and VR relaxation and wellness videos, empowering viewers to find stillness and peace in their everyday life. Learn More

Sharecare YOU/VR

Sharecare YOU is a real-time simulation of the human body that allows anyone to freely navigate and explore an anatomically accurate, 3D model of the human body, its organs, and their natural function. Customize physiology and simulate disease. Learn More

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