Read about migraine symptoms and causes, as well as migraine triggers and treatments, and find out how to get the help you need.


If you've ever had an intense headache, you might wonder if it was a migraine.

But are all painful headaches migraines? Do migraines have specific symptoms? The fact is, migraines are often misunderstood, even by the people who get them.

Here, we'll be exploring migraine symptoms, causes, triggers, treatments and more.

If you suffer from migraine headaches or aren't quite sure yet if your headaches are actually migraines, it may be time to talk with your healthcare provider (HCP).

They can work with you to get to the bottom of your pain and to help you find relief.

Migraine causes

What causes migraines? Can they be triggered by certain types of food, hunger, lack of sleep, or the weather? What about bright lights? Can stress or hormonal shifts be migraine triggers? Read about some of the common causes of migraines and find out what you might need to watch out for if you're susceptible to them.

Migraine symptoms

Working woman with a migraine sitting at her desk in front of a computer.

Even though migraine symptoms can vary, there are some common signs to look for. Find out what they are, then learn how you can work with your HCP to better understand your migraine symptoms and to get the help you need.

Migraine treatment

Couple meditating together in the living room using a laptop.

If you suffer from migraines, you might be curious about what you can do to prevent or treat them. Depending on your situation, your HCP may recommend different solutions. Will those include natural remedies? How about over-the-counter or prescription medications? Might you need a combination of therapies? Are there migraine triggers you should avoid? Read about some of the treatments available and find out how they may be able to help.

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